Carole’s Bucket List

A bucket list for Meade County... what I hope you would take the time out, drive over and enjoy. The view of the Ohio River from Van Buren overlook, breathtaking! Travel to Big Springs, the … [Read more...]

Confederate Justice part 2

Confederate Justice Part II The Joke and the Error in Judgment      It was the habit of the Rangers, dashing men who were admired by southern leaning ladies because of their rebelliousness, daring, … [Read more...]

“Confederate Justice?” part 1

Confederate Justice?  Part 1  Author’s Note:   There were many people in Meade County favoring the Union, but many more, in the county, were pro-Confederacy.  One notable exception was the town of … [Read more...]

The Raid on Captains Shacklett and Gorsuch at the Sheep Shed” parts 4 &5

The Raid on Captains Shacklett and Gorsuch at the Sheep Shed” Part 5  The battle Rages  The rebels, caught unaware, did not have time to organize a defense.  The Union troopers were on them in a … [Read more...]

“The Raid on Captains Shacklett and Gorsuch at the Sheep Shed” Parts 3&4

William Kendall Shacklett's tombstone:  Billy Shacklett was described by Captain Hare as the bravest man he ever saw.  He went down fighting, and although mortally wounded, he dragged himself some 60 yards toward the W.W. Barnes' house, because he did not want to die in the woods alone. 
His wife and daughter arrived before he died and visited with him at the Barnes' place.

“The Raid on Captains Shacklett and Gorsuch at the Sheep Shed”  Part 3 Billy Trains his men            Billy Shacklett trained his men.  It is not recorded just how many men he had in his company, … [Read more...]

“The Raid on Confederate Captains Shacklett and Gorsuch at the Sheep Shed” Part 1&2

We have added a new blog by Gerry Fisher, Meade County Historian and one of the founding members of the Meade County Historical Archaeological Preservation Society. Visit us here for wonderful stories … [Read more...]

Brandenburg Women’s Expo

Brandenburg's Women's Expo is one of our favorite shopping experiences during the fall vendor sales throughout the area. You will be shopping till you drop with over 55 booths full of retail … [Read more...]

Country Cruisin’

proof Brandenburg Cruise In Cruisin

Cruise In to the first annual Country Crusin' - Saturday October 5 at 2434 Old Mill road (state route 1638) in Brandenburg. Gathering starts around 2P.M. Enjoy something off the grill and maybe a … [Read more...]

Artisan Day at Shoppes at Otter Creek

Kentucky Crafted Retailer, Shoppes at Otter Creek's up coming event Artisan Day and Fall Open House will be October 12 from 10 am -3 pm. The event is part of the American National Craft Week. … [Read more...]

Beginning Fly Fishing Season Starts at Otter Creek

Derby City Fly Ffishers Logo

Derby City Fly Fishers will host a beginners fly fishing instruction event at the Garnettsville Picnic Area at Otter Creek Park Saturday October 12, 2013. The event starts at 9:00 am and is free … [Read more...]